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About Us

Presidential stands for making a statement. Being Presidential means being true to yourself and your desires. Here, at Presidential, we understand the importance of one’s looks so we made sure to bring out a complete line of casual wear that not only looks good, but feels good too. Our apparel will allow you to easily express every bit of your personality. Choose among the wide selection of our cotton shirts and snapbacks and you are ready to conquer the world.


We originally started as a music label, but we have eventually evolved into the Presidential Brand that you know today. Thanks to the dedication of various artists and collaborators, we have grown as a business in Houston, Texas. The idea of being unique and expressive drives us all and was an inspiration to create a high quality, yet affordable apparel.

Help us spread the word by checking out some of the apparel we have to offer. We ship orders worldwide.

Don’t be another face in a crowd. Be Presidential.

Presidential Brand®

Here are some of the other brands we have at the moment. These are all registered names in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Brazil. We offer:

  • Presidential Wear®
  • Presidential Life Style®
  • Presidential Chick®
  • Presidential Girl®
  • Presidential Kid®
  • Presidential Star®
  • Presidential USA®
  • Presidential United States America®
  • Presidential Soldier®
  • Presidential Records®
  • Presidential Entertainment®
  • Presidential Sports®
  • Presidential Dime®
  • Presidential King™
  • Presidential Queen™
  • Presidential Clothing Co™
  • Presidential Collection®
  • I Am Presidential®
  • Still Riding Presidential®